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How ORBE Works

ORBE is an internet based program that all of your rail movements are loaded into from your existing spreadsheets or database. ORBE allows you access to all of the details on your movements through any computer, Tablet, IPhone or other device that connects you to the internet.

Whether you use Explorer, Firefox or another browser; once you have loaded movements you have access to that information from anywhere.

ORBE is also a bid evaluation program that automatically awards traffic to your lowest rail and truck bids and then seeks out opportunities to further lower costs. The ORBE analyzes bids to determine how expenses can be reduced and then quantifies your cost savings from opportunities as well as the impact on rail profit. The ORBE is interactive which means “What If” calculations are performed in seconds.

There is simply nothing like the ORBE. If you want to do more with fewer man-hours the ORBE is the answer. It will save you hundreds of man hours in strategic planning, contract administration, setting up Requests for Proposal and in performing bid evaluations.

The ORBE was developed to reduce companies’ rail costs between 5% and 20%. The ORBE does this by making you smarter about the proper rate structure for your rail movements and then assists you in obtaining these rates. There is simply nothing else that has the power of ORBE to reduce your cost of transportation and the man-hours needed to administer your rail spend.

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