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Escalation Consultants, Inc. developed the Optimized Rail Bid Evaluation (ORBE) program to help shippers negotiate better rates with monopoly railroads.

Escalation Consultants was founded in 1979 and has been helping shippers reduce and control rail expenses for more than 30 years. Escalation Consultants’ message is a simple one: the price you pay under a rail contract should not occur by chance. You need to have a strategy based on factual data that lets you clearly demonstrate what rates are reasonable and why railroads should provide you with the rates you need. Escalation Consultants works with many large and small rail shippers in strategic planning, rail negotiations and optimizing rail bid evaluations, but most of our work is involved in finding and developing opportunities for reducing our clients’ rail expenses.

The Optimized Rail Bid Evaluation (ORBE) program was developed from Escalation Consultants’ consulting practice. We find that shippers need to spend more time on strategic planning and much less time crunching numbers and the ORBE allows that to happen. Effective strategic planning is the key to reducing costs and the ORBE is the only system that allows you to do more with fewer man-hours.

The ORBE was developed in conjunction with mathematician and database programmers to reduce companies’ rail costs between 5% and 20%. The ORBE does this by making you smarter about the proper rate structure for your rail movements and then automatically uncovers opportunities to assist you in obtaining the proper rates for your rail movements. There is simply nothing else that has the power of the ORBE to reduce your rates, as well as, reduce the man-hours needed to administer your rail spend.

Contact Escalation Consultants for a demonstration of the ORBE over the internet. It may well be the most important decision you make this year.

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Rail Rate Checker

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